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Rafael Gonzalez and Katja Savastano presented Latino FUSIÓN

Last Thursday 27.06.19  Rafael Gonzalez and Katja Savastano welcomed us with LATINO FUSIÓN on the MS Rhystärn! Not only on the boat was danced – also the whole bank of the Rhine was infected by the sweeping Caribbean and Latin American dances and music styles and danced with us.

Impressions of the event can be found in our gallery

Weitere Impressionen von Elias Bötticher gibt es in unserer Galerie.



B-Motion is a new series of exercises resulting from a partnership between leading life-science company Bayer and Gsünder Basel (“Healthier Basel”), the center of excellence for health promotion in Basel. Unconventional and modern exercise events will be held at regular intervals and at exciting locations around the city of Basel. The focus is on health and having fun exercising. There is no charge for taking part. The events are aimed at the whole population of Basel – long-established residents and newcomers alike – and especially also residents from other countries.

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Photos by Elias Bötticher Visualizations. More images in the gallery.


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