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Due to the current pandemic, there are currently no B-Motion events. We very much hope that we will be able to hold a B-Motion event in the summer, (of course with various security measures). We keep you up to date and thank you for your understanding.

Do you know #baselzuhause?

The measures taken by the Federal Council to combat the corona virus also have an impact on the well-being of the population: previous support offers in the health sector, such as exercise and relaxation courses or fitness options, are no longer available and the corresponding facilities are closed. The population is also still required to work in the home office and to stay at home if possible. Movement and contact options are severely limited.

Gsünder Basel, in collaboration with the health department of the canton of Basel-Stadt, launched the free support offer #baselzuhause for the Basel population in Corona times. The aim is to strengthen stamina and maintain physical and mental health.

At www.baselzuhause.ch there are many exciting free online workouts available to you – have fun trying them out!



B-Motion is a new series of exercises resulting from a partnership between leading life-science company Bayer and Gsünder Basel (“Healthier Basel”), the center of excellence for health promotion in Basel. Unconventional and modern exercise events will be held at regular intervals and at exciting locations around the city of Basel. The focus is on health and having fun exercising. There is no charge for taking part. The events are aimed at the whole population of Basel – long-established residents and newcomers alike – and especially also residents from other countries.

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Photos by Elias Bötticher Visualizations. More images in the gallery.


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