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Power Jumping

At Offene Kirche Elisabethen, Basel


Power Jumping with Vanessa Andreoli


Thursday, 19th September 2018

Time:6 pm until 7 pm
Price:Free admission, no registration needed

Offene Kirche Elisabethen, Basel


Offene Kirche Elisabethen

We want to go up high!

In the PowerJumping® we perform various exercises on a mini trampoline. Through the holistic workout and the combination of different jumping techniques, we strengthen ourselves from head to toe. The training on the trampoline improves our condition and coordination and also protects our joints. Above all, we promise you this workout but one thing: a lot of fun. Vanessa Andreoli, our course instructor, warns all participants: there is a danger of addiction. Do not worry, we have enough space to jump up. In the open church Elisabethen we enjoy the atmosphere of a unique and historical location.

What you will need for this lesson
– Put on loose (sports) clothing; ideally you have already changed
– You don’t need sneaker; we will be barefoot on the trampolin
– Take a terry towel if necessary.
– The space is limited, be there on time and secure your trampoline – “first come …”

What you won’t need
– There’s no need to register in advance.
– You won’t need any money. The event is free for everyone thanks to our sponsor Bayer.
– No prior experience is necessary – the event is suitable for everyone.



B-Motion is a new series of exercises resulting from a partnership between leading life-science company Bayer and Gsünder Basel (“Healthier Basel”), the center of excellence for health promotion in Basel. Unconventional and modern exercise events will be held at regular intervals and at exciting locations around the city of Basel. The focus is on health and having fun exercising. There is no charge for taking part. The events are aimed at the whole population of Basel – long-established residents and newcomers alike – and especially also residents from other countries.

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Photos by Elias Bötticher Visualizations. More images in the gallery.


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